Leather Conditioner
Leather Conditioner
Leather Conditioner

Leather Conditioner

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Clean, Hydrate, and Restore Your Cars Leather Interior with this all-natural Leather Conditioner 

Features & Benefits:

  • A naturally formulated leather conditioner containing lanolin and beeswax
  • Specifically designed for cleaning and hydrating leather and vinyl
  • Free from harsh chemicals and abrasives that could damage fine leather
  • Safe to use on even the most delicate leather surfaces
  • Perfect for restoring and maintaining the natural beauty and softness of leather and vinyl products
  • Recommended for use on smooth leather only
  • Not suitable for use on suede

Product Application

Clean leather using a damp cloth rinsed in warm water. When the leather is dry or still slightly damp but clean, apply a small amount of Leather Aid to a clean, dry cloth and rub it into the surface of your leather or vinyl surface. You can also use a soft-bristled brush. 

Use a circular motion to ensure that the conditioner is evenly distributed, paying special attention to any particularly dry or worn areas. Leave Leather Conditioner in place for 5 to 10 minutes so that the conditioner can penetrate the leather, then buff with a clean cloth to thoroughly remove any excess. The result will be a beautifully restored leather or vinyl surface that looks and feels as good as new. 

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